Military Traditions

April 18, 2019 By Bill McNamara

Time Capsules of Military History

Paradise Valley Estates was founded by a group of individuals dedicated to creating a lasting home for retired military families. Others have been included over the years to formulate the diverse community that we now enjoy.

Last year, a time capsule was buried to reflect a snapshot of PVE for future generations to enjoy when it is uncovered.

Do you know that outside of The Club, where we routinely gather to share drinks and lore, we now have military oriented “time capsules?” Presently, there are three, in cabinets, surrounded by Henry A. Ogden prints of U.S. Army Uniforms circa: 1880–1920. My father passed these prints to me. Perhaps you have seen them and the cabinets, but never stopped to explore their beauty or their content.

Our Club proudly displays our military past through pictures, plaques and hangings. Yet expansion is necessary for more memorabilia and stories that can’t be hung on a wall. Our Wall of Remembrance and Patriotic Committee endeavor to enhance our military heritage through articles, ceremonies and civic interface. Now they also do it in our own museum of living time capsules in the form of these display cabinets.

The cabinets display events, artifacts and knowledge about the very people you are living among and the times they lived or the feats they have performed. They are in essence living history or have family members who are history. On display is a miniature Smithsonian Museum of military related American history donated or loaned by residents. Artifacts and lore stem the period from WWI through Desert Storm.

More display space is needed, and additional cabinets are on order. Are there treasures in your possession you are willing to share to continue to build our museum? If so, please contact me. Wouldn’t it be tragic for artifacts to be forgotten or discarded? Be sure to stop by at your leisure to explore these displays of our military history and enjoy a bit of history as seen through the eyes of PVE residents. I’m sure you will learn something and be impressed.


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