Posts for November 2019

The Frontier

Neon lights proclaimed it “The Green Lantern.” Any construction boomer in Anchorage knew it more accurately as “The Green Latrine.”

Back in the Day

"My mom was a little different from my friends’ moms."

The Rescue

In the 1960s only limited, highly risky means were available to exfiltrate agents from behind the Iron Curtain.

New Paradise Valley Estates neighborhood surpasses 60% reserved

The Ridge, Paradise Valley Estates’ brand-new 8-acre neighborhood, is a milestone in the history of our longstanding Northern California Life Plan Community.

Saint Bambi

"When I was six years old and living on Clearview Drive in Metairie, feeding Bambi, the family dog, in the evening was my job. It was my favorite time of day."

Honoring Veterans

Providing Military Honors for a passing veteran was one of our most important functions at Post 92.

Beverly Hillbillies

In 1984, our former neighbors, the Partons from Mansfield Ohio, came to visit us at our new home in Mission Viejo, CA.