Posts for November 2020

Merriment on Main

Merriment on Main has been a popular Vacaville holiday tradition since 1983. Hosted annually by The Reporter, the event has grown into a large street festival that is now managed by a dedicated nonprofit organization founded in 2018.

Top Lap Swimmers Pool Their Talents

Most of us enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool, but some Paradise Valley Estates residents kick (and stroke) it up a notch.

A President for the Times

Sally Gripman’s year-long tenure as Resident Council president at Paradise Valley Estates has been anything but typical.

Moonrise Over Hernandez

When visiting New Mexico, resident Bob DeNike visited the location where Ansel Adams took one of his famous photographs.

May Require Extra Postage

Resident Liz Wildberger was ten years old when she accidentally dropped her family's ration coupons in a mailbox while mailing some letters.

The Ridge Readies for Final Stretch

With the opening and arrival of first residents now in view, The Ridge is crossing construction milestones every week.

Wild Puddy-Tat Rescue

Resident Burt Endsley shares the story of neighbors and our Maintenance crew coming together to rescue and adopt a feral kitten.

Lemon Tree Planter Box

Using repurposed fence boards from 23 years ago when Paradise Valley Estates was built, our Woodworkers Association, known as the Termites, built a planter box.