Military Traditions

From Camouflage to Camaraderie: Living Your Best Life in a Military-Inspired Retirement Community

What is Flag Day?

There’s no better day to dive into vexillology than on Flag Day. Learn how the American flag — and California’s state flag — came to be.

The Hole History of National Donut Day

There’s probably a lot you don’t know about National Donut Day. Go beyond the deliciousness with a deep dive into donut history.

D-Day June 6, 1944

Get an inside view of a D-Day mission from an Air Force pilot who was there. A World War II veteran — and PVE resident — takes you back to that very early morning in 1944.

The Ones We Left Behind

Take a moment this Memorial Day to remember the American servicemembers who have sacrificed everything for our nation. See how the nation honors them around the world.

Military Appreciation Month

The month of May is a busy time on our Life Plan Community’s campus. During Military Appreciation Month we pause to both remember and celebrate those who dedicate their lives to serving our nation.

My Return from War

One of the craftiest fighters of World War II was a luxurious passenger ship called the RMS Queen Elizabeth. Learn about her fate from a veteran who journeyed back to America aboard the luxury liner.

PVE Marines Celebrate 246th Birthday

When you’re a Life Plan Community founded by military officers, birthdays like the Marines’ recent 246th are celebrated in both tradition and style.

A Hollywood Oscar Star

A late-day phone call to the Navy Seabee School office led to an unforgettable encounter between the then-CO and a Hollywood star.

Brothers Down Pearl Harbor Day Livestream

Join this free livestream to learn more about the attack on Pearl Harbor from the perspective of 38 sets of brothers who served on the USS Arizona that fateful day.