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Military Traditions

A Hollywood Oscar Star

A late-day phone call to the Navy Seabee School office led to an unforgettable encounter between the then-CO and a Hollywood star.

Brothers Down Pearl Harbor Day Livestream

Join this free livestream to learn more about the attack on Pearl Harbor from the perspective of 38 sets of brothers who served on the USS Arizona that fateful day.

Gathering Military Memories at Paradise Valley Estates

Paradise Valley Estates is home to a social outpost familiar to many former military officers. The Club is a both a popular place to gather and remember.

Local Planner: Rowland Freedom Center

Fly by the Rowland Freedom Center to learn more about the fascinating history of aviation, the military and more over the years.

Save Water — Take a “Navy Shower”

According to one land-based observer, “Navy showers” offer clean alternative during local water shortages.

Looking for Ice in Saigon

A crew of American GIs got stuck on a maintenance mission in Vietnam and spent a memorable night in search of ice on the streets of Saigon.

What Are Your Intentions?

A military pilot recalls a hair-raising experience in the air over Britain.

Never Shoot Too Low

An “old soldier” from the Army once enjoyed a Navy cruise from San Diego to Mare Island and was pleasantly surprised by the ship’s honorary protocols and unconventional crew.

Why We Wear Red on Fridays

Wearing red on Fridays has become a tradition at Paradise Valley Estates. Here’s why.

Wrong Agents

A US military veteran recalls the time two German fishermen planned a fishing trip and caught an unexpected ride on an American Albatross.