Military Traditions

The Man-Eating Tree

Our Special Forces detachment in Germany sent two teams of free fall military parachutists to teach that skill to the Jordanian Army. I was with them.

Moon Ship West of Ca Mau

"On one black night, ten of us lay in ambush on the fringe of a huge mangrove swamp."

Memorial Day Celebration Honors Ultimate Sacrifice

At Paradise Valley Estates, Memorial Day begins with a celebration honoring the many men and women who died serving our nation.

My Greek Holiday

"One evening while my crew was not on duty, we decided to do a little sightseeing on the island."

It Was 77 Years Ago

It was a beautiful Sunday morning in Hawaii until … it wasn’t. The new incoming B-17s should be arriving, but what were the strange sounds?

PVE Rocket Scientists Share Stories

Our little village is somewhat isolated in far north Fairfield, but many of us have ties to our host town. The PVE – Air Force Junior ROTC Interface Committee is one such tie.

Time Capsules of Military History

Last year, a time capsule was buried to reflect a snapshot of PVE for future generations to enjoy when it is uncovered.

Heroism on the Delta Canal

"I was on a river patrol boat (PBR) with a crew of four sailors on the Cambodian border in the darkness of the jungle night."

Hazardous Duty Pay

"For paratroopers, hazard pay meant an extra $50 for enlisted and $100 for officers."

Sea Services Celebrate 243

On Sunday, October 14, residents who are Sea Service related, their spouses and guests gathered to celebrate the 243rd birthday of the U.S. Navy.