Posts by Fred Montonye

Glenn Miller Memorial Band Concert

A Glenn Miller DVD uncorks fine memories of an evening in Eymet, France.

The General’s Jeep

A case of mistaken identity by four junior officers dramatically changes the course of one military jeep.

Two Recollections of World War II

As a young student, resident Fred Montonye learned to knit six-inch by six-inch wool squares which were sewn together to form blankets that were sent to Britain during World War II.

Piece of Pie

In 1949, during his freshman year at college, resident Fred Montanye had pizza for the first time.

Goats Again at PVE

With all of the rain this spring, there is a good possibility that Laurel Creek may become choked with excess growth. What happens then?

A Trip on Route 66

We recently returned from a trip to the Arizona and New Mexico Indian lands. On our trip, we did not realize that we were also witnessing the centennial of Highway Route 66.

Off to Europe

In 1971–72, Joan had a sabbatical from her community college teaching position so we planned to visit about twenty countries in Europe.