Posts for August 2020

What I Did in the War

As resident Donald Terleski sheltered in place, he talked to his 100-year-old mother about her experiences during World War II.

Military Displays Keep History Alive

Bill McNamara, West Point Class of 1960, has made it his duty to honor our country’s battles by curating exhibits of military material and mementoes in five cabinets around PVE.

Strengthening Community Connections

One of the greatest challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic is the ongoing need for physical distancing to prevent the spread. Our residents have found creative ways to bridge the isolation for themselves and others throughout the pandemic.

Road Repairs Change World Relationships

An aftermath of the extraordinary airlift that saved Berlin during World War II was America’s commitment to build the greatest airlift force in the world.

Adjusting to Assisted Living at Paradise Valley Estates

Finding the right kind of community is one milestone in the process of helping a loved one transition to an assisted living setting.

Join a Greater Community

Moving into a brand-new home is a singular thrill. Beyond the fresh paint and modern floor plan, a move is an opportunity to make your home better fit your current way of life and priorities.

Community Center Improvements

Looking for silver linings has become a new hobby for many Americans as the coronavirus pandemic extends its grip on our lives and nation. At Paradise Valley Estates, we capitalized on the decreased foot traffic and moved up a planned refresh of the hub of our Life Plan Community: the Community Center.

Lego Land, Dogs and PVE

When Kay Youngflesh arrived at Paradise Valley Estates, she was amazed that there were so many dogs.