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Remembering World War II Women

Earlier this year, Linda Minton gave a fascinating presentation at her book signing about the important role women played during World War II.

In Hawaii, It’s Lei Day

“May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii Nei” is a popular phrase that makes all remember May 1st.

It Was 77 Years Ago

It was a beautiful Sunday morning in Hawaii until … it wasn’t. The new incoming B-17s should be arriving, but what were the strange sounds?

Again a World Champion

In November 2018, Carrie Reese successfully defended her world championships, this time in the 132.8-pound category.

True Story from the Arizona Memorial

Recently, there were many signs of trouble as the tourist boat landing area at the Arizona Memorial began crumbling away. Then came the announcement that the memorial was closing indefinitely for repairs.

Activities to Educate Your Mind

When Paradise Valley Estates was a new organization, physical activity classes developed quickly, but then residents began to wish for things that would stimulate one’s brain and make the mind think.

Champion Carrie Reese

On Saturday, August 26, 2017, Carrie Reese collected a couple of more trophies and some new medals to go with her growing collection.

Carrie Reese: PVE Resident, World Record Holder

In 2016, PVE resident Carrie Reese captured five world weightlifting records, four state-level world records, and Best Lifter honors at various West Coast weight lifting championships.