Posts for April 2019

Why Write a Memoir?

Your first thought is “How conceited can I get?” However, once you have begun the process, your very next thought is “This is more work than I expected!” New and harsher thoughts tend to surface later in the writing process.

Local Planner 35th Annual Biggest Little Car Show

Next month, venture to down to the Suisun City Waterfront Plaza in Suisun City, California for the 35th Annual Biggest Little Car Show.

PVE Hosts Groundbreaking for The Ridge

On March 27, Paradise Valley Estates held a celebratory groundbreaking for The Ridge, the Northern California Life Plan Community’s new eight-acre neighborhood currently under development.

Time Capsules of Military History

Last year, a time capsule was buried to reflect a snapshot of PVE for future generations to enjoy when it is uncovered.

Employee Appreciation Fund

The Employee Appreciation Fund (EAF) is the process for receiving contributions from residents, their families, and others for distribution to eligible hourly employees to thank them for their service and care throughout the year.

Army Wins Again

About 60 residents and guests attended the 119th playing of the Army-Navy football game in The Club on Saturday, December 8.

Going Back

"I lived in Brooklyn throughout my elementary school years and first year of high school."

California Without a Car

Imagine living in California without a car! My college girlfriend and I did it for a year while saving money to make down payments on cars.

Heroism on the Delta Canal

"I was on a river patrol boat (PBR) with a crew of four sailors on the Cambodian border in the darkness of the jungle night."