Posts for March 2016

Blogging Your Way at PVE

I love blogging more than I love most things in life. It outranks chocolate and ice cream. If I had to choose between blogging, cheese, or wine I’d be in trouble.

Instagram’s a Snap!

Last week I traveled from South Carolina to Paradise Valley Estates to teach their residents how to use the popular social media app, Instagram.

Airplane Seat Solutions

The spring travel months are upon us and many will travel by air. The idea of air travel was at one time a special luxury we would look forward to with both delight and excitement. Boy, have times changed.

Together at Last

Two years ago, we hadn’t thought about moving. I loved my house. I’d lived in it for 34 years. Al loved his house. He had added a family room and a den. It was a good size to raise his boys. He had lived in it for 54 years.

Music Therapy in Action

The healing powers of music are gaining widespread credibility as therapy for an aging population.