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Presidential Remembrances

Reflecting on the comings and goings of four Presidents — and powerful moments that rewrote history — during one lifetime.

Joy to the World

Resident Walt McDaniel reflects on the word joy. While a common word, it's often connected to special memories.

High School Next

"I don’t remember why being a freshman entering high school was not exciting and something to look forward to."

A Long Hot Day

In the summer of 1938, my buddies Kent, Harold, Bob and I decided to change the boredom one day by going to Lake Yellow Creek, which was about 75 miles from Elwood.

Past Memories

"As I sat down at my desk to write the latest episode of my memoirs, I began to think about how to put the experiences of my past life together."

First View of the Ocean

In 1945, I looked at a lot of ocean from a troop ship traveling to England and back, but that was not nearly as exciting as our family’s adventure investigating the ocean in the U.S.

Welcome to Our Home

In 1961 while stationed at Langley Air Force Base, Virginia, a Chinese Air Force officer was stationed at our office for a year.