Don’t wait to enjoy the relaxing life you’ve earned.

Paradise Valley Estates is a Life Plan Community where independent, active adults (age 60+) can enjoy homeownership-free living with a full continuum of care services should the need arise. It’s a lifestyle of amenities and services that gives you the freedom to explore life to the fullest.

An Uncommon Value
A Life Plan Community offers the full freedom of residential living and unlimited future care services. Your fees (a one-time entrance fee based on your selected residence and monthly fee for services, amenities and more) include unlimited community healthcare services, too. 

Steps to Becoming a Resident
We know important decisions take time. We’re always glad to help you as you consider our community and others. Just give us a call at 1.800.326.0419.

  1. Learn about our community. Come have lunch and take a tour to see apartments and homes, amenities and grounds. Attend an event or stay over a weekend.
  2. Make your move. When you’re ready, we’re here to help. We help you find the financial option that meets your personal goals. You can select your residence and reserve it or work with our move-in coordinator to assist you with relocation now.

Connect with Us
If you’d like to learn more about Paradise Valley Estates or our services, let’s talk.

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