Posts for August 2021

Author and Illustrator Shares Joys of Neighborhood in Book

One Paradise Valley Estates resident turned her COVID-19 down time into a creative exercise that would later give back to several community charities.

Walt Disney Studios & World War II

The Walt Disney Studios created insignia — and much more — for the U.S. military and Allies during World War II. Learn about their wartime efforts in a special exhibition open now at the Walt Disney Family Museum.

Why I Left Home

A new-ish recruit finds his old life remarkably made over when he returns home for his first holiday leave.

Do You Take Time?

A crew of resident green thumbs transform the community rose garden into a blooming extravaganza each year.

Local Planner Treasure Island

San Francisco’s Treasure Island has an eccentric past and promising future. Take a closer look at the 400-acre, man-made island’s unique place in Bay area history.

New on The Ridge: Christine Lasus

A future Ridge resident’s home sale brought her to Paradise Valley Estates earlier than anticipated. She’s extra grateful for the temporary move because the shoulder injury she brought with her got the exceptional continuing care for which she chose our community.

Hiddenbrooke Golf Club

Play a challenging golf course that was developed by a golfing legend — Hiddenbrooke Golf Club.

Who Is The Paper Placer?

An early-morning act of neighborly service at Paradise Valley Estates is especially appreciated when it’s raining says one grateful resident.

The Great Migration

Even in the farthest reaches of the world, one visitor to Africa found a Napa Valley connection.