Posts for March 2020

Rancho Solano Golf Course

Just a short drive from Paradise Valley Estates lies Rancho Solano, an award-winning 18-hole municipal golf course that’s consistently recognized as being one of Northern California’s top courses.

The Juice Cart Connection

Moving to Paradise Valley Estates opens your life to new connections. Happily, there are a lot of opportunities to connect with others.

Space Planning Services for Future Ridge Residents

The key to peace of mind when making a move is putting together a plan and following the steps it lays out to a predictable conclusion.

The Ridge is Over 60% Reserved at Halfway Point of Construction

One short year after the official groundbreaking, construction on the new neighborhood’s private cottages and villa apartments is nearly halfway complete.


One rarely forgets holidays as they are seared in our brains with a big star

Metaphor for a Love Apple

When it comes to tomatoes, everybody is an expert. And in the Paradise Valley Estates community, there is ample evidence of this fact.

A Buffalo and a Dog

"Twenty years ago, Kay and I were living in the southern Black Hills of South Dakota seven miles south of Hot Springs and about 50 miles south of Rapid City."

The Birds of Paradise

Mary Tantillo founded the Birds of Paradise chapter in 2014.

Our First Week at Paradise Valley Estates

Neighborly, friendly, welcoming — all words that describe our first week at Paradise Valley Estates!