Posts for August 2018

Ridge Neighborhood Adds to Distinctive Dining

With Paradise Valley Estates' anticipated eight-acre Ridge neighborhood now under development, residents will enjoy even more exceptional dining experiences in the years to come.

School Days

"Like many children who grew up in rural America during the 1900s, I attended that bit of Americana called the one-room schoolhouse."

A 21st Century Sherlock Holmes visits Discover U

In April, the Fairfield Police Department proudly introduced their newest member of the K-9 Unit, Frankie, a Labrador Retriever.

Passover Seder

On April 11, Paradise Valley Estates held its fourth annual Passover Seder.

Activities to Educate Your Mind

When Paradise Valley Estates was a new organization, physical activity classes developed quickly, but then residents began to wish for things that would stimulate one’s brain and make the mind think.

June Joy Ride

We had quite a crowd joining Paradise Players for the “June Joy Ride” that took residents on a fast-paced journey to a convenience store and on down the road, stopping at three restaurants along the way.

Cat Tale Dinner

The first Cat Tale Dinner at PVE was held on June 11.

World War II Ladies

Did you know that there are at least eight ladies living at Paradise Valley Estates who played a role in the effort to assist our troops during World War II?

Japanese Girls’ Festival

In early March, we, the Japanese girls at Paradise Valley Estates, celebrated Hina Matsuri, the Doll Festival (or Girls’ Festival) that is traditionally celebrated on March 3.

A Trip on Route 66

We recently returned from a trip to the Arizona and New Mexico Indian lands. On our trip, we did not realize that we were also witnessing the centennial of Highway Route 66.