Posts for October 2021

Gathering Military Memories at Paradise Valley Estates

Paradise Valley Estates is home to a social outpost familiar to many former military officers. The Club is a both a popular place to gather and remember.

Get Me to the Ship on Time

When Bill Rawlinson traveled back to the States during his military service, he gained a wife and a problem: he’d left his passport in England. Quick thinking, light feet and an inspired cabbie solved his quandary.

Bead Necklaces Can Represent Memories

Making jewelry can be more than a hobby. One resident’s jewelry making classes help honor loved ones and other cultures through fashionable, handmade accessories.

Paradise Valley Estates Grows Dining with Opening of The Ridge

One of our community’s most popular amenities is a fleet of on-campus dining venues with multiple dining styles and meal choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Best of all? No cooking, dishes or clean-up for you!

Local Planner: Rowland Freedom Center

Fly by the Rowland Freedom Center to learn more about the fascinating history of aviation, the military and more over the years.

Here We Go Again

Our traveling amigos hit the road again this summer, this time exploring Oregon and Washington while paying attention to their GPS directions — mostly.

A Quiet Knock on the Back Door

Help how you can, when you can — that was the lesson one resident learned one hot Illinois summer during her childhood.