Posts for December 2020


Resident Floyd Gripman shares memories from his childhood growing up in Michigan.

Paradise Valley Estates Time Capsule

PVE residents will bury a time capsule focused on life before, during, and hopefully after the pandemic.

“Quaranteam” Scores for PVE

Resident Liz Wildberger reflects on life at PVE in the year 2020.

Local Planner: Candy Cane Lane and Lollipop Lane

Vacaville’s Arlene Drive and Shady Glen Avenue have famous alter egos come holiday season.

Great TP Caper

In the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, when toilet paper supplies were scarce, resident Bud Ross learned to be careful when ordering online.

Christmas Gift

Four widows gathered for a meal, lively conversation and lots of laughs from stories guaranteed to cheer one another. They found holiday happiness, not just for each other, but also for two unknown strangers.

Ringing Chimes Lift Hearts During Pandemic

A popular community activity at Paradise Valley Estates that has endured during the 2020 pandemic is the PVE Chime Players.

‘Alice’ and I

Resident Rosanne Kaufmann shares memories of her childhood doll.

Two Recollections of World War II

As a young student, resident Fred Montonye learned to knit six-inch by six-inch wool squares which were sewn together to form blankets that were sent to Britain during World War II.

New on the Ridge: Rick Preuss

Rick Preuss makes life decisions that fulfill his head and his heart. That same approach led to selecting The Ridge at Paradise Valley Estates for his next home.