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Posts by Bruce Bartels

PVE Marines Celebrate 246th Birthday

When you’re a Life Plan Community founded by military officers, birthdays like the Marines’ recent 246th are celebrated in both tradition and style.

Cookies for First Responders

Each holiday season, members of our community unite to bake up a storm for our local first responders. The brain child of one resident, the now-group effort yielded more than 15 dozen goodies in 2021.

Football is in the Air

The Naval Academy’s mascot — a goat named Bill — is a popular sideline good luck charm at the annual Army-Navy game and kidnapping target for rival Army cadets.

The Electric Trams Are Here

With The Ridge, our new 8-acre neighborhood now open, a fleet of new electric trams will be available to help residents get anywhere on campus with ease.

Who Is The Paper Placer?

An early-morning act of neighborly service at Paradise Valley Estates is especially appreciated when it’s raining says one grateful resident.

Save Water — Take a “Navy Shower”

According to one land-based observer, “Navy showers” offer clean alternative during local water shortages.

Cocktails by Zoom

Since our shelter in place began, residents have found creative ways to stay connected with friends.

A Time for Resolutions

Well, it’s the beginning of a New Year and that means it is time for the annual “New Year’s Resolutions.”

Jan Walks the Walk

Here at PVE we have someone who models the “walk the walk” example.

Keeping PVE Secure and So Much More

The Security team at Paradise Valley Estates has the responsibility of making sure we live in a safe and secure environment.