New on the Ridge: Lyn Sorrelle

As Lyn looks forward to joining Paradise Valley Estates’ newest neighborhood, The Ridge, she shared details about her decision to join the Life Plan Community and what she’s most looking forward to about living in Northern California.

In Hawaii, It’s Lei Day

“May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii Nei” is a popular phrase that makes all remember May 1st.


There are many definitions of the home.

The Pioneer Club

When I was a child, my favorite time of day was after school. In the fourth grade, five of us formed a club, which we called “The Pioneer Club.”

AWOL! What’s AWOL?

It was the dead of winter in 1959 and I had just turned 20.

Backyard City

"My older brother, Bill, and I spent much time playing in our backyard when we lived on Clearview Drive in Metairie, Louisiana."

Thoughts About What Makes a Family

"Families are whatever you choose to make them. Here, at PVE, we have a different sort of family."

A Work of Love

In 1995, five veteran friends purchased a Consolidated Vultee BT-13B Valiant, a World War II basic flight trainer.

It’s Never Too Late

Five years ago, I stepped into a new environment at Paradise Valley Estates, where I could ignore the actuarial tables as encouraged by our wellness director, Jan Olsen. Then, in the writing class taught by longtime resident Liz Wildberger I learned to spread my wings and start writing.