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Chinese Zither Music Bridges Years, Cultures

Celebrating a Caring Cadre of Nurses

Each year during National Nurses Week in early May, our community’s retired nurses gather together to honor a never-ending legacy of caring with a celebratory lunch.

The Hole History of National Donut Day

There’s probably a lot you don’t know about National Donut Day. Go beyond the deliciousness with a deep dive into donut history.

Carrie’s Heavy Lifting Worth Weight in Gold

Here’s a fun fact. Our Life Plan Community is home to a World Association of Benchers and Deadlifters Hall of Famer. Learn more about Carrie and how lifting has influenced her life.

Uniforms Offer Fitting Tribute

Our community was founded to serve military retirees. Today you’ll still find a wide range of uniforms on display throughout campus in tribute to their remarkable service.

Bead Necklaces Can Represent Memories

Making jewelry can be more than a hobby. One resident’s jewelry making classes help honor loved ones and other cultures through fashionable, handmade accessories.

Weeders Digest Potential Fire Fuel

Among the most efficient and powerful landscaping tools we deploy every year are the four-legged weed eaters.

Mayoral Election Votes Gives Residents Paws

While some Life Plan Communities are pet friendly, at PVE, our pets have a platform and priorities. Meet our 2021 pet mayor and vice mayor.

Thou Shalt Not Miss Church in Isolation

Paradise Valley Estates residents and team members brought the community’s Interdenominational Worship Service to the television screen so isolating residents never had to miss a single Sunday service.

Puzzlers Know How to Make Ends Meet

In the past year, many Paradise Valley Estates residents have rediscovered puzzling. Learn how putting the pieces together has benefited these northern Californians.