Posts for May 2018

From Rim to River and Return

"One of the places we fell in love with was the South Rim of the Grand Canyon."

Celebrating Memorial Day

At Paradise Valley Estates, Memorial Day means far more than the unofficial start of summer.

PVE Club and Wall of Remembrance

The Wall of Remembrance Committee is comprised of representatives of the various military services.

Good Friends Are a Treasure

With the recent passing of a friend in Orange County, I thought about the great memories we made together with her husband, who died several years ago.

Ridge Expansion Breaks Ground in Fall 2018

In May we welcomed many new residents and prospects for a big reveal about our upcoming 70-residence expansion, The Ridge.

My First Pastoral Act at Sea

When the draft was summoning my buddies to the Korean Conflict, I was in college but also pre-enrolled in theological seminary.

Local Planner: Journey of Paul and Julia Child

Visit the Napa Valley Museum Yountville to experience the world premiere of France is a Feast: The Photographic Journey of Paul and Julia Child, an exhibition of photographs by Paul Child depicting his life with wife Julia Child in France.

On Brave Old Army Team

The annual game, the longest continuous rivalry in football, was played this year in Philadelphia on Saturday, December 9.