Posts for May 2016

Memorial Day at PVE

Every year, we have a community barbecue of major proportions (and portions) for Memorial Day.

Kentucky Derby Day at PVE

Here at PVE we don’t have an Easter Parade. However, on the first Saturday in May we do have our own “eggstrawapanza”.

Preserving Your Balance

As a fitness specialist here at PVE, I know maintaining good health and independence is a top priority for our residents. I’m proud to be a part of the team who helps to make that possible.

The Dog Park at PVE

Here at PVE, pets aren’t just accepted, they’re welcomed and loved! That’s why we have an off-leash dog park for residents to play with their four-legged family members.

PVE’s Got Your Goat?

Last Sunday, our granddaughters sat carefully upon the wall overlooking the meadow along Laurel Creek. Below, they watched a herd of multicolored goats grazing as bells tinkled around their necks.

Card Making with Yuriko

As the director of a very busy, creative and productive marketing department, I was looking for a fun activity as a reward for my team and also an opportunity for a little bonding.

The Goats of PVE

Much has happened. The 6 Shooters are on the march. We have played two more bocce matches and won both of them. This, in spite of the interesting distractions around the court.


One of the ways we try to age gracefully is by taking care of minor problems before they become really big deterrents to retirement living.