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In our community, the Japanese concept of ikigai — having a direction of purpose in life — has the power to enhance the health and wellness of our residents.

Olympics in Paradise

During this summer’s Tokyo Olympics, many of our residents were also competing for medals and enjoying a two-week sporting spectacular right here at home.

What is Wellness at PVE?

Being named one of 25 Best in Wellness senior living communities in the nation is an honor. To be the only California community awarded is the icing on the cake.

Quality of Life Improvement Project

We’re taking part in an innovative quality of life study that could change life for those in skilled nursing everywhere.

12 Ways to Slow the Aging Process

Chronological aging is inevitable; however, you have control over how well you age.

Come Together Week

Last September we celebrated our first ever 'Come Together Week' on the PVE campus.

Are We There Yet

Meet at the corner of Sanctuary and Hilborn Road. Bring water, wear hiking boots and bring hiking poles. Those were the directions and instructions given to all potential Paradise Hikers who were interested in participating in our very first group hike.

Pumping Iron to Stay Young

The difference between living independently and needing skilled nursing care as you age can depend in large part on your muscle mass and strength.

Exercise is Medicine

Increased activity can boost your mood, give you increased energy, and put a big smile on your face.

Energize your Fitness with Zumba

We’re proud to announce our newest class offering: Zumba® with Andrea.