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Blue Rock Springs Golf Course West

Vallejo’s Blue Rock Springs is open to the public and features east or west courses, with each boasting a fun but challenging 18-hole experience. Learn more about playing the west course.

Local Planner: Vacaville Fiesta Days

The heart of Vacaville Fiesta Days has always been a community celebration. That tradition continues May 26-30 and here’s how you can join in the fun!

Military Appreciation Month

The month of May is a busy time on our Life Plan Community’s campus. During Military Appreciation Month we pause to both remember and celebrate those who dedicate their lives to serving our nation.

Local Planner: Napa Valley Gondola

When you can’t get to Venice, enjoy a little slice of the experience here in Napa with a river tour from Napa Valley Gondola.

Ridge Neighborhood Opens to Rave Reviews

When we unveiled our newest neighborhood to the public in March, it was a perfect Northern California day to celebrate a remarkable way of life you can live every day.

Blue Rock Springs Golf Course East

At Blue Rock Springs Golf Course, you choose from an east or west course for unique 18-hole experiences that will challenge your club selection and course management skills. Learn more about the east course.

Military Vehicle Day Demo and Car Show

Ever wanted to see a tank crush a car? Make your dream come true at Demonstration Weekend, April 9-10, at the American Armory Museum.

Residents Pay it Forward

At our Life Plan Community, many residents devote countless hours of their free time to helping others. Learn about one resident’s idea to upcycle left over furniture that now helps veterans setting up new households.

Davis Golf Course

A great way to spend a morning or afternoon? The challenging, highly affordable and open-to-the-public Davis Golf Course in Yolo County.

Local Planner: Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum

The Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum is just a short drive away from us but offers hours of fascinating exploration into the history of Mare Island’s rich Naval history and the evolution of the Vallejo area.