Greater Good

Residents Pay it Forward

At our Life Plan Community, many residents devote countless hours of their free time to helping others. Learn about one resident’s idea to upcycle left over furniture that now helps veterans setting up new households.

Cookies for First Responders

Each holiday season, members of our community unite to bake up a storm for our local first responders. The brain child of one resident, the now-group effort yielded more than 15 dozen goodies in 2021.

Volunteerism shines at Paradise Valley Estates

One team member of our Life Plan Community recently hatched a beautiful plan to give back to the place that’s been her professional home.

Giving Back Comes Natural at Paradise Valley Estates

Giving back is more than an aspiration at Paradise Valley Estates. It’s a deep belief many of our residents share, whether it’s volunteering their time or investing in the wellbeing of others.

Vaccination Day at Paradise Valley Estates

With a plan to vaccinate over 800 residents and team members in a single day, everything needed to move like clockwork. (And it did!) One of our residents shared her experience.

PVE Grocery Service Delivers Food, Smiles

To provide extra service and safety for Life Pan Community residents, Paradise Valley Estates team members have gained PhDs in grocery store shopping.

Happy Times During COVID

California Life Plan Community residents take technology leap to overcome unplanned COVID-19 quarantine.

“Quaranteam” Scores for PVE

Resident Liz Wildberger reflects on life at PVE in the year 2020.

Ringing Chimes Lift Hearts During Pandemic

A popular community activity at Paradise Valley Estates that has endured during the 2020 pandemic is the PVE Chime Players.

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Livestream

Two of the most significant changes at Paradise Valley Estates during our shelter-in-place have been the absence of our ice cream and the arrival of live streaming as our primary means of communication.