Posts for May 2019

Victoria Stone Joins Ridge Team

As primary construction of the villas and cottages of The Ridge nears, we’re pleased to introduce you to the newest team member at Paradise Valley Estates.

Saving Those Dates

"One of the fun tasks I enjoy each month when editing Elysian Fields is writing the Save These Dates column."

Memorial Day Celebration Honors Ultimate Sacrifice

At Paradise Valley Estates, Memorial Day begins with a celebration honoring the many men and women who died serving our nation.

My Greek Holiday

"One evening while my crew was not on duty, we decided to do a little sightseeing on the island."

Wellness in Paradise Showcases Fitness Focus

On Wednesday, April 24 future Ridge residents were invited to visit Paradise Valley Estates to learn about the community’s comprehensive wellness program.

Foiled Again

"Somewhere, perhaps in a dim, dark cellar, or maybe in the bowels of a snow-swept mountain, they meet. I can see them, saliva dripping from their evil mouths as they cackle with glee."

It Was 77 Years Ago

It was a beautiful Sunday morning in Hawaii until … it wasn’t. The new incoming B-17s should be arriving, but what were the strange sounds?

PVE Rocket Scientists Share Stories

Our little village is somewhat isolated in far north Fairfield, but many of us have ties to our host town. The PVE – Air Force Junior ROTC Interface Committee is one such tie.

Memories of the Catch

"To say that our family is 100 percent a family of San Francisco fans is a huge understatement."