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We Were Spoiled Rotten, and We Loved It

The next to last installment of the Journey North included many outdoor excursions within the Pacific Northwest and an unexpected — and much welcomed — fluff and fold laundry service for the travelers.

Onward to the North

The journey north continued with visits to several national parks, Lewis and Clark’s campsite and several close (and welcome) encounters with one traveler’s relatives.

Oregon Washington Trip, Episode Two

Our PVE Explorers continue their exploration of the coasts of Oregon and Washington learning everything from current fashion trends to the man known as the father of the Oregon state park system.

Here We Go Again

Our traveling amigos hit the road again this summer, this time exploring Oregon and Washington while paying attention to their GPS directions — mostly.

Our Southwest Travel Adventure, Part Five

In their fifth and final installment, the PVE explorers reach the Grand Canyon’s North Rim, a herd of buffalo, the history of the Vegas mob and America’s oldest double gravity gas pumps.

Our Southwest Travel Adventure, Part Four

In their fourth installment, the PVE explorers continue their westward excursion and enjoy MREs in a yurt, hit new signage milestones, and make new friends.

Our Southwest Travel Adventure, Part Three

On the third dispatch of their westward journey, the PVE explorers hit more history markers, natural hotspots and an air-conditioned yurt.

Our Southwest Travel Adventure, Part Two

As their westward journey continues, the PVE explorers dig into Nevada’s long history from the oldest thirst parlor to the Pony Express.

Our Southwest Travel Adventure

When Paradise Valley Estates residents Dick Feaster and Dick Lubman took a two-week driving tour through Utah, Arizona and California in the fall of 2020, they decided to make it a series. Join along!