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Posts for January 2022

Signals We Send

Nametags aren’t just for conferences and professional gatherings. They can make introductions and conversations much less stressful at a Life Plan Community like ours.

Is Spite and Malice Really a Card Game?

Runs, sets, bids and tricks. Regular card games and players abound at Paradise Valley Estates. Learn about some of our groups, the games they play and how they got their start.

Local Planner: Sonoma Raceway

Scratch your motorsports itch with wide-ranging gearhead-friendly events at Sonoma Raceway. Watch NASCAR stars or local public drag racing or drifting programs plus preferred military pricing for retirees.

We Were Spoiled Rotten, and We Loved It

The next to last installment of the Journey North included many outdoor excursions within the Pacific Northwest and an unexpected — and much welcomed — fluff and fold laundry service for the travelers.

Football is in the Air

The Naval Academy’s mascot — a goat named Bill — is a popular sideline good luck charm at the annual Army-Navy game and kidnapping target for rival Army cadets.