Posts for August 2016

Bocce Update: The Plucked Flamingo Award

The Six Shooters are one game away from the end of the season and we have won 10, lost 9, and are better than .500 which pleases us since we were really dragging the bottom of the 20-team roster early in the season.

Bridge Boosts Brain Power at PVE

Some of us gave it up after college or played sporadically with other couples while our children were asleep.

The PIPs of PVE

It is mid-summer and the visiting grandchildren are concluding their visits with us and eagerly anticipating their college experiences at the campuses of their choice.

PVE & PGA HOPE: Giving Back to Our Local Veterans

Members of the PVE Fisher House Golf Committee recently delivered a $2,500 check to PGA HOPE at their Vacaville headquarters.

A Sailor and His Wine

I like friends, sailing and wine, but I am no connoisseur.