Posts for December 2021

Onward to the North

The journey north continued with visits to several national parks, Lewis and Clark’s campsite and several close (and welcome) encounters with one traveler’s relatives.

It’s Not the End of the World

One resident discovers the joy in giving the steering wheel over to others after a lifetime of carpooling, errands and countless miles of driving.

An Irish Christmas

From the gentle huff of a Lionel train to silly family singalongs, Christmas traditions are an unforgettable joy.

The Store at Paradise Valley Estates Adds Second Location

With the opening of The Ridge, our newest neighborhood, our Life Plan Community’s resale boutique — The Store — received a major upgrade.

The BIG Foxhole

One officer’s journey through the Army headquarters hierarchy trains him for a real-world assignment: parenting.

Christmas from a Celtic Table

Dance over to Vacaville on Sunday, December 19 for an afternoon celebration of the holidays with festive Irish style.

A Hollywood Oscar Star

A late-day phone call to the Navy Seabee School office led to an unforgettable encounter between the then-CO and a Hollywood star.

Brothers Down Pearl Harbor Day Livestream

Join this free livestream to learn more about the attack on Pearl Harbor from the perspective of 38 sets of brothers who served on the USS Arizona that fateful day.

Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

Our community woodworking team, The termites, explored man’s history with dogs and helped a resident’s four-legged friend continue to enjoy their favorite perch: the couch.