Posts for July 2021

The Tale of the Overnight Stay

In considering a move to Paradise Valley Estates, a couple thought they wanted a medium-sized apartment. An overnight visit to the community led them to their not-so-medium-sized but absolutely perfect home.

Joni Fournier Brings Ridge to Life for Paradise Valley Estates

Get to know NV5’s Joni Fournier who has been working on The Ridge, our new eight-acre neighborhood opening soon. Thanks to her diligent efforts and impeccable organization, the expansion will be welcoming new residents this fall.

Save Water — Take a “Navy Shower”

According to one land-based observer, “Navy showers” offer clean alternative during local water shortages.

Looking for Ice in Saigon

A crew of American GIs got stuck on a maintenance mission in Vietnam and spent a memorable night in search of ice on the streets of Saigon.

Our Southwest Travel Adventure, Part Five

In their fifth and final installment, the PVE explorers reach the Grand Canyon’s North Rim, a herd of buffalo, the history of the Vegas mob and America’s oldest double gravity gas pumps.

Glenn Miller Memorial Band Concert

A Glenn Miller DVD uncorks fine memories of an evening in Eymet, France.

Perils of Pauline

Residents of Paradise Valley Estates work with City of Fairfield in effort to enhance open space with walking trails.

Miss Manners Revisited

Enjoy a tongue-in-cheek primer on post-pandemic manners and other pleasantries.

A Paradise Valley Estates Joint Venture

We partnered with residents to transform a natural area within our master-planned community into garden all residents could enjoy.