Posts for June 2016

Sunday in the Company of Friends

The pianist plays ten measured strokes on the “church bell” keyboard to indicate that the weekly Interdenominational Worship Service is about to begin.

Bocce & Pickleball Happenings at PVE

The 6 Shooters have rolled through half of the season with four wins, six losses. Our recent loss was not without some laughs and good fun

PVE Pedalers

It was by special invitation that I was asked to join our PVE cyclists earlier this month for the inaugural outing of the PVE Pedalers.

A Monthly Booking

Did you ever wonder what people who are visiting PVE for the first time think about all the activities, athletic venues and cultural opportunities?

Putting in Paradise

PVE has a lot of enthusiastic golfers and now we have our own state-of-the-art putting green.

The Single Best Thing To Do When Investigating Senior Living Communities

How would you go about selecting the best possible senior living community for you?

Can You Imagine Your Life as a Termite?

The time comes when we begin to think seriously about retirement. After moving to our new home at Paradise Valley Estates (everyone calls it PVE), we learned there are termites here!