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Life Here

Signals We Send

Nametags aren’t just for conferences and professional gatherings. They can make introductions and conversations much less stressful at a Life Plan Community like ours.

Is Spite and Malice Really a Card Game?

Runs, sets, bids and tricks. Regular card games and players abound at Paradise Valley Estates. Learn about some of our groups, the games they play and how they got their start.

We Were Spoiled Rotten, and We Loved It

The next to last installment of the Journey North included many outdoor excursions within the Pacific Northwest and an unexpected — and much welcomed — fluff and fold laundry service for the travelers.

Football is in the Air

The Naval Academy’s mascot — a goat named Bill — is a popular sideline good luck charm at the annual Army-Navy game and kidnapping target for rival Army cadets.

Onward to the North

The journey north continued with visits to several national parks, Lewis and Clark’s campsite and several close (and welcome) encounters with one traveler’s relatives.

The Store at Paradise Valley Estates Adds Second Location

With the opening of The Ridge, our newest neighborhood, our Life Plan Community’s resale boutique — The Store — received a major upgrade.

Christmas from a Celtic Table

Dance over to Vacaville on Sunday, December 19 for an afternoon celebration of the holidays with festive Irish style.

Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

Our community woodworking team, The termites, explored man’s history with dogs and helped a resident’s four-legged friend continue to enjoy their favorite perch: the couch.

Finding Your Way in a New Town

Residents of our community welcomed their new neighbors with a thoughtful guided tour of their new, nearby hometown.

Origins of 10 Thanksgiving Traditions

The presidential turkey pardon is a time honored tradition — or is it? Dig into the backstory of a handful of Thanksgiving holiday traditions while you make room for that late-day turkey sandwich and football.