Remembering World War II Women

Earlier this year, Linda Minton gave a fascinating presentation at her book signing about the important role women played during World War II.

In Hawaii, It’s Lei Day

“May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii Nei” is a popular phrase that makes all remember May 1st.

The Pioneer Club

When I was a child, my favorite time of day was after school. In the fourth grade, five of us formed a club, which we called “The Pioneer Club.”

Backyard City

"My older brother, Bill, and I spent much time playing in our backyard when we lived on Clearview Drive in Metairie, Louisiana."

Thoughts About What Makes a Family

"Families are whatever you choose to make them. Here, at PVE, we have a different sort of family."

It’s Never Too Late

Five years ago, I stepped into a new environment at Paradise Valley Estates, where I could ignore the actuarial tables as encouraged by our wellness director, Jan Olsen. Then, in the writing class taught by longtime resident Liz Wildberger I learned to spread my wings and start writing.

Award-winning California neighborhood makes life after 60 remarkable

At March's grand opening celebration of The Ridge, the Paradise Valley Estates Life Plan Community was presented with a national design award for their newest neighborhood.

Termite Talk

A Spirit House is a shrine to the protective spirit of a place such as a house in Southeast Asian countries.

Wranglers and Dudes

This happened on a dude ranch near Jackson, Wyoming.

New Ridge Neighborhood Taking Shape

There’s no better time to secure a new Ridge residence than right now.