Foiled Again

"Somewhere, perhaps in a dim, dark cellar, or maybe in the bowels of a snow-swept mountain, they meet. I can see them, saliva dripping from their evil mouths as they cackle with glee."

Going Back

"I lived in Brooklyn throughout my elementary school years and first year of high school."

California Without a Car

Imagine living in California without a car! My college girlfriend and I did it for a year while saving money to make down payments on cars.

Again a World Champion

In November 2018, Carrie Reese successfully defended her world championships, this time in the 132.8-pound category.

Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

Vacations on the ocean bring back wonderful memories and perhaps a lesson yet to learn.

A Close Encounter

"Several years ago, my wife Mary Ann and I booked a couple of nights at Skywatcher’s Inn, a B&B located in the desert four miles from Benson, Arizona."

Golf in the Good Old Days

The Bureau of Yards and Docks (BUDDOCKS) base in San Bruno was right across El Camino from the Tanforan Race Track, which had a driving range and a par-three golf course.

My Second Bike

"I don’t quite remember when I first learned to ride a bike, but it was in Cross City, Florida and I was probably about six years old."

MacQuarrie Memoir Shares 76-Year Love Story

In late 2018, Paradise Valley Estates residents Clara and Warren MacQuarrie celebrated the completion of a true labor of love: their memoir “Love & War: Our Journey Through Life.”

Pawdon Our Enthusiasm

The “pup-ularity” of canine pets at PVE was showcased in the Pooch Parade on a cool Saturday morning.