Termite Talk

A Spirit House is a shrine to the protective spirit of a place such as a house in Southeast Asian countries.

Wranglers and Dudes

This happened on a dude ranch near Jackson, Wyoming.

New Ridge Neighborhood Taking Shape

There’s no better time to secure a new Ridge residence than right now.

My Weekend with Madeleine

Our small study group suddenly had the golden opportunity to spend a weekend in Santa Barbara.

Saving Those Dates

"One of the fun tasks I enjoy each month when editing Elysian Fields is writing the Save These Dates column."

Foiled Again

"Somewhere, perhaps in a dim, dark cellar, or maybe in the bowels of a snow-swept mountain, they meet. I can see them, saliva dripping from their evil mouths as they cackle with glee."

Going Back

"I lived in Brooklyn throughout my elementary school years and first year of high school."

California Without a Car

Imagine living in California without a car! My college girlfriend and I did it for a year while saving money to make down payments on cars.

Again a World Champion

In November 2018, Carrie Reese successfully defended her world championships, this time in the 132.8-pound category.

Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

Vacations on the ocean bring back wonderful memories and perhaps a lesson yet to learn.