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Good Buy Precedes Goodbye

Resident Dick Smith recalls a shopping trip in Marrakesh that came with a thoroughly surprising conclusion.

Our Southwest Travel Adventure

When Paradise Valley Estates residents Dick Feaster and Dick Lubman took a two-week driving tour through Utah, Arizona and California in the fall of 2020, they decided to make it a series. Join along!

The Secret to Reaching 100 Years

If people, like wine, get better with age, some of our neighbors are approaching magnificent. Paradise Valley Estates was thrilled to celebrate a bumper crop of five 100th birthdays in 2020.


Resident Floyd Gripman shares memories from his childhood growing up in Michigan.

Great TP Caper

In the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, when toilet paper supplies were scarce, resident Bud Ross learned to be careful when ordering online.

Christmas Gift

Four widows gathered for a meal, lively conversation and lots of laughs from stories guaranteed to cheer one another. They found holiday happiness, not just for each other, but also for two unknown strangers.

‘Alice’ and I

Resident Rosanne Kaufmann shares memories of her childhood doll.

Moonrise Over Hernandez

When visiting New Mexico, resident Bob DeNike visited the location where Ansel Adams took one of his famous photographs.

May Require Extra Postage

Resident Liz Wildberger was ten years old when she accidentally dropped her family's ration coupons in a mailbox while mailing some letters.

The Haunted House

Resident Judy Mulenberg the childhood tale of the ghost and the Haunted House.