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The Obligatory Baths

The lessons of water management were taught early to Mary Ann. Her grandmother Flora had already lived through years of it in northwestern Colorado including some pretty unforgettable Saturday night baths.

Brain Work

Do you work brain fitness into your wellness routine? One resident recently attended a mind-focused exercise class and found out how much fun it is to try things.

Presidential Remembrances

Reflecting on the comings and goings of four Presidents — and powerful moments that rewrote history — during one lifetime.

Carrie’s Heavy Lifting Worth Weight in Gold

Here’s a fun fact. Our Life Plan Community is home to a World Association of Benchers and Deadlifters Hall of Famer. Learn more about Carrie and how lifting has influenced her life.

Best Friends Forever (BFF)

Many Solano Winds performances have been honed before an appreciative dress rehearsal audience at our Life Plan Community. Learn how the tradition began.

I Heart NY

One resident recalls the dismay of getting lost — and thrill of finding his way — through downtown New York City traffic.

It’s Not the End of the World

One resident discovers the joy in giving the steering wheel over to others after a lifetime of carpooling, errands and countless miles of driving.

An Irish Christmas

From the gentle huff of a Lionel train to silly family singalongs, Christmas traditions are an unforgettable joy.

The BIG Foxhole

One officer’s journey through the Army headquarters hierarchy trains him for a real-world assignment: parenting.

Illusions of Grandeur

On the road from their Florida training to a Texas assignment, two newly commissioned officers made a play for a round of golf on a spectacular course. One look at a club goer let them know to keep moving.