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Moonrise Over Hernandez

When visiting New Mexico, resident Bob DeNike visited the location where Ansel Adams took one of his famous photographs.

May Require Extra Postage

Resident Liz Wildberger was ten years old when she accidentally dropped her family's ration coupons in a mailbox while mailing some letters.

The Haunted House

Resident Judy Mulenberg the childhood tale of the ghost and the Haunted House.

A Scary Halloween

Resident Phyllis Mosher reflects on celebrating Halloween as a child and a surprise appearance from a goblin!

Tap Dancer

Back in the sixties, resident R. A. Jones was on the shore of Monterey Bay, as the Tenth Infantry planted its colors at long gone Fort Ord.

Mountain Mamas

Resident Kimmie McCann reflects on the power of lifetime friendships.

The Wedding

Resident Liz Wildberger shares memories of her wedding day.

Ah Memories Was I Even There?

Memories are funny things. Sometimes you can visualize the face of a classmate from third grade as if chiseled on the back of your brain, but you can’t remember a single name at your class reunion.

Piece of Pie

In 1949, during his freshman year at college, resident Fred Montanye had pizza for the first time.

Our Birthright

The five senses with which we were born color our lives in ways that we cannot fathom. Some of them are more acute than others. However, when one is missing or even dulled, the others take on some of the missing roles.