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Our Southwest Travel Adventure, Part Four

In their fourth installment, the PVE explorers continue their westward excursion and enjoy MREs in a yurt, hit new signage milestones, and make new friends.

Thank You, Professor

For one resident, a college photography class taught both lab and life skills.

Forgotten Your Password

A self-proclaimed aging technocrat finds a solution for remembering pesky passwords. There’s just one last problem, she explains.

Our Southwest Travel Adventure, Part Three

On the third dispatch of their westward journey, the PVE explorers hit more history markers, natural hotspots and an air-conditioned yurt.

Our Southwest Travel Adventure, Part Two

As their westward journey continues, the PVE explorers dig into Nevada’s long history from the oldest thirst parlor to the Pony Express.

Now I Was On My Own

Recalling how making a simple choice between green or red propelled one youth into the wide world — and adulthood — alone.

Moxie and A Bulldozer

Recalling the moxie of a former Marine who used his guts to level brush for the Alaskan railroad.

Good Buy Precedes Goodbye

Resident Dick Smith recalls a shopping trip in Marrakesh that came with a thoroughly surprising conclusion.

Our Southwest Travel Adventure

When Paradise Valley Estates residents Dick Feaster and Dick Lubman took a two-week driving tour through Utah, Arizona and California in the fall of 2020, they decided to make it a series. Join along!

The Secret to Reaching 100 Years

If people, like wine, get better with age, some of our neighbors are approaching magnificent. Paradise Valley Estates was thrilled to celebrate a bumper crop of five 100th birthdays in 2020.