It’s All About Beau

"I was informed about three months ago that the Santa Rosa Animal Shelter had a few new small dogs who had come in just recently, so I gave them a jingle."

Relatives I’ll Never Forget

"I would say I was fortunate to have so many family members take an interest in me — especially my mother. I remember them with gratitude and fondness."

The Sixties in Rearview

The Sixties turned out to be anything but quiet.

PVE Scholarship Committee Awards Six Grants

Since 2004, The PVE Scholarship Committee has awarded 121 scholarships.

Missed Opportunity

It was early fall of 1940 and I was in the third grade of James Witcomb Riley School, a rural elementary school on the outskirts of Richmond, Indiana, my hometown.

New on The Ridge: Betty and Ray Silva

With construction of The Ridge in its earliest stages, we sat down with two of our new neighborhood’s Summit Club members, Betty and Ray Silva, for a chat about their planned move to Paradise Valley Estates.

Confessions of a Royal Wedding Junkie

My fascination with the lives of the historically famous extends to all periods of history and all parts of our world.

What a Day on the Bay

One Saturday evening our PVE friends asked, “What are you doing tomorrow?” We were thrilled to be able to answer, “We’re sailing on the bay with our Petaluma buddies, George and Anita.

Learning to Waterski

Resident Dottie Shelley remembers her first time waterskiing.

A Long Hot Day

In the summer of 1938, my buddies Kent, Harold, Bob and I decided to change the boredom one day by going to Lake Yellow Creek, which was about 75 miles from Elwood.