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One rarely forgets holidays as they are seared in our brains with a big star

Metaphor for a Love Apple

When it comes to tomatoes, everybody is an expert. And in the Paradise Valley Estates community, there is ample evidence of this fact.

A Buffalo and a Dog

"Twenty years ago, Kay and I were living in the southern Black Hills of South Dakota seven miles south of Hot Springs and about 50 miles south of Rapid City."

A Day of Delights

A springtime ritual for five neighborhood kids, of which I was one, was our version of “A Walk in The Woods.” There was nothing like a beautiful spring day in our small town of Globe, Arizona.

A Brief History of Valentine’s Day

The internet is a marvelous tool for researching just about any topic that one can imagine. I thought it would be fun to research the origins of Valentine’s Day.

The Thread in My Life

Art has been a long thread in my life. As a child, I liked to draw and look at pictures and paintings in books. I drew all over my brothers’ books and homework assignments.

The $$$ Switch

A funny story about technology and upgrading phones from a PVE resident.

The Back Room

At 12 years old, I felt that 25 cents an hour for my first job was a grand opportunity on Saturday mornings. I was thrilled to do this on my own and hoped I would learn something useful.

A Remembrance of Times Past

"I arrived at Brooks AFB, TX in October 1956 as a brand-new second lieutenant just out of pilot training and the C-54 Palm Beach AFB Transport Training Unit."

Why Play Bocce?

Residents play bocce at Paradise Valley Estates for various reasons.