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Here We Go Again

Our traveling amigos hit the road again this summer, this time exploring Oregon and Washington while paying attention to their GPS directions — mostly.

A Quiet Knock on the Back Door

Help how you can, when you can — that was the lesson one resident learned one hot Illinois summer during her childhood.

You Wanna Sandwich

An unforgettable flight — and in-flight meal — created a tasty memory for one impressionable young GI in Saigon.


Reminiscing about the differences — and similarities — of family takes one resident on a journey back to the 1950s shore of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Author and Illustrator Shares Joys of Neighborhood in Book

One Paradise Valley Estates resident turned her COVID-19 down time into a creative exercise that would later give back to several community charities.

Why I Left Home

A new-ish recruit finds his old life remarkably made over when he returns home for his first holiday leave.

The Great Migration

Even in the farthest reaches of the world, one visitor to Africa found a Napa Valley connection.

Our Southwest Travel Adventure, Part Five

In their fifth and final installment, the PVE explorers reach the Grand Canyon’s North Rim, a herd of buffalo, the history of the Vegas mob and America’s oldest double gravity gas pumps.

Glenn Miller Memorial Band Concert

A Glenn Miller DVD uncorks fine memories of an evening in Eymet, France.

Miss Manners Revisited

Enjoy a tongue-in-cheek primer on post-pandemic manners and other pleasantries.