“The people here are interesting, well-educated and have great stories to tell. That was a real positive for us.”

Myrna & Tom D., residents

A Legacy of Service and a Welcoming Tradition


Paradise Valley Estates was founded in 1997 by a nonprofit organization of retired military officers who envisioned a Life Plan Community with a welcoming culture that emphasized service and supported engagement. Their goal was to create a Northern California haven for adults aged 60 and older with the additional distinction of serving as uniformed services officers, as well as for their spouses or surviving spouses. Today, retirees of the U.S. Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy and Space Force are joined by seniors from a variety of backgrounds, careers, faiths and lifestyles. This diversity of experience only adds to the unique character and open, welcoming nature of the community as a whole.


Residents here have a say in how the community runs.

The Resident Council is an elected body that serves as an advisory to Paradise Valley Estates management. Council leadership, which is present at the community’s Board of Directors meetings, works to maintain and enhance residents’ quality of life and to ensure the community operates as a premier Life Plan Community.


The community is governed by a local, volunteer Board of Directors.

Members of the Board of Directors are nominated to serve based on areas of expertise and once elected, may serve multiple three-year terms. In addition, there is one elected community resident who serves as a fully participating board member.


The board has a number of established committees including the Executive Committee, Governance Committee, Finance Committee, Audit Committee, Facilities Committee, and Health Services Committee.


Officers and Board Members:


  • Mr. John A DiMichele – Chair
  • Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Wiedeman, USAF, (Ret) – Vice Chair
  • Lt. Col. Gary W. Erickson, USAF (Ret) – Treasurer
  • Col. Andrea Andersen, USAF, (Ret) – Secretary
  • Col. Sandra R. Schmidt-Berringer, USAF, (Ret) – Immediate Past Chair
  • Mr. Sean P. Quinn
  • Col. Deborah L. Aspling, USAF (Ret)
  • LTC. Robert Bowers, USA (Ret)
  • Bob Epperson – Resident Board Member
  • Sally Gripman – Resident Board Member
  • LTC. Thomas Kurkjian, USA (Ret)
  • Mr. Edward Levin, MD
  • Mrs. Jenny J. Multani, MD
  • Ping Yang