Posts for February 2022

As a Californian

Living in California can seem like an everyday, ho-hum thing until you take a trip to the Midwest. Then be prepared to hear all about it, laughs one resident.

Cookies for First Responders

Each holiday season, members of our community unite to bake up a storm for our local first responders. The brain child of one resident, the now-group effort yielded more than 15 dozen goodies in 2021.

Local Planner: Heritage Center at Travis Air Force Base

Fly deep into aviation history at the Travis Air Force Base Heritage Center. Learn how you can plan a visit to learn about aviation and experience more than 25 historic aircraft.

Wall of Remembrance: The Invasion of Iwo Jima

The stirring World War II image of Marines raising the United State flag during the Battle of Iwo Jima is easy to recognize. Nine residents of our Life Plan Community were part of that historic operation. Learn more about what happened before and after the flag was raised.

Treat Your Valentine to a Hauntingly Good Evening

Surprise your Valentine with a hauntingly good outdoor adventure on a downtown Napa walking tour or cuddle up at home and screen the Haunted Wine Country documentary featuring the paranormal pros of Napa City Ghosts and Legends Walking Tours.

Growing Up in the 1940s

Growing up in the early 1940s meant growing up in a world at war. One resident looks back at a childhood where rationing and evening radio shows were normal everyday life.

Board Members Make Life Plan Community Home

What makes someone choose to live in a Life Plan Community? Everyone’s reason is different but there are factors here that appeal to a wide range of people.

Pumping in Paradise

When Sharon moved to Paradise Valley Estates a new world of fitness options opened up. Learn why her first-time experience grew into a years-long passion.