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July 18, 2017 By Liz Wildberger

Skilled Nursing is Kind Nursing

There are two levels of patient care in the Division of Skilled Nursing at Laurel Creek. One is for those recuperating from surgery, illness or other temporary conditions. The other is for those for whom a safe haven of compassionate care is most appropriate. The staff of registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, certified nursing aides, nutritionists and social workers attend to both groups with an equal degree of professional skill and personal kindness. Both areas of expertise are accompanied by smiles and gentle proficiency.

Presently, the health center administrator is Dane Reeves, and he manages the entire staff at Laurel Creek, from the receptionist to the life enrichment coordinator. You can feel the quiet dedication throughout the center. There is a sense that it is a busy place, dedicated to the care of residents and, occasionally, to needs of our Fairfield community.

Physical and occupational therapists perform their specialized duties, greet their patients by name, encourage them to succeed, and enthusiastically applaud their efforts and accomplishments. A nutritionist oversees myriad dietary needs. There are special diets for diabetics, cardiology patients or simply those who want to learn the techniques for healthful eating.

Residents enjoy communal recreational activities ranging from games such as bingo to reading newspapers aloud. Other daytime joys are the sing-alongs, concerts, scenic drives and Tuesday luncheons in the main dining room. Each resident’s room has a television and private phone, and their privacy is assured when family or friends visit.

An air of sociability fills the center, as do the cordial attitudes of staff members. For those who are gently transitioning from one level of care to another, the staff’s optimism and reassurance bring essential comfort as life-changing decisions and changes come to bear.

And, always, there are the “Angels,” volunteer residents in pale blue tunics who visit patients’ rooms with juice and snacks, call bingo games, assist wherever needed, and arrange flowers in the skilled nursing dining room.

A Life Plan Community is many things and the reasons for selecting this particular retirement lifestyle are as varied as the residents. While the nursing staff wears different colored uniforms and the wings of the center are now called “neighborhoods,” we can all be certain that the heart of Laurel Creek is as steady, supportive and kind as ever.

When there is a need for specialized care, right here in your community, there is an entire team of special people at Laurel Creek who are ready to help you in so many ways. That’s a good way to feel, isn’t it?


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