November 1, 2016 By Carol Moore

PVE 2.0: It’s All in the Family

When people say that living at Paradise Valley Estates “feels like family”, it is especially true for nearly 25 members of the community. As the community approaches its 20th anniversary, it has welcomed quite a few second-generation residents and assorted siblings.

Janice Parker attended the groundbreaking ceremony for PVE along with her parents, Bud and Marion Card, who were among the founding residents. After 15 years of appreciating the care that the Cards received, not to mention the fine cuisine they enjoyed on visits, Janice and her husband, John, came here in 2015, Their manor house is just a short distance from the quad that is home to her sister, Carol Moore, and the family dog, Betsie, who are often passengers in the Parkers’ yellow golf cart.

Twelve years of visiting her parents, Colleen and Ken Jones, at PVE also convinced Lynn and Charles Ridgeway to make PVE their forever/retirement home.

The mothers of Hal Mosher, Clara MacQuarrie and H.M. Kocher all previously resided here.

Having changed her status from visitor to resident, Linda Schoephoester often joins her father, Bill Cockroft, for dinner in the Main Dining Room and visits his sister, Margery Peterson, in Quail Creek. Linda McCrory lives in the same apartment that her mother, Lilly Pattison, another PVE founding resident, called home.

In 2010, Charlene and Sam Farber became the first couple to follow their children to PVE when they agreed with their daughter, Ann Farber, and her husband, Bill Drake, that the health services and campus amenities would make the senior years more enjoyable for both generations. Likewise, Lenie and Hal Brown were PVE enthusiasts for two years before her father, Leo Miener, moved into his apartment in 2015.

The sibling category at PVE includes three sisters—Charlotte Gearhart, Elizabeth Carlisle and Virginia Miller–and two sisters, Erica Rodda and Renee Smith, as well as the brother sister duo Lew Martin and Carla Sorrelle. And finally, cousins Teri Reed and Marguerite Tipton agree with the other related residents that having family close at hand adds to their enjoyment of life at Paradise Valley Estates.

Plus, there are more on the way. There are more legacy residents on the PVE wait list who will soon join their relatives as well!


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