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November 8, 2016 By Bill Green

2016 Bocce Season Finale

PVE’s 2016 bocce season has come to a close. To celebrate, we threw an all-day party with preliminary bocce games in a single elimination shootout tournament.

These games entertained residents at the weekly continental breakfast hosted by Dining Services Director David Kalbaugh and his staff.

The tournament continued into the afternoon when the party was in full swing, and team JeriPaul (rhymes with Geritol) consisting of Jerry Hedrick and Paul Kersey won the championship. Pete Palmos’ Bombardiers won the 2016 season tournament. There was a short ceremony announcing the champions.

In the afternoon, while the shootout tournament was being contested on the bocce court, several other games were being played, including croquet, Jarts, horseshoes and a bean bag throw. Tom and Dennie Hansen set up two Jenga towers and Julie, David and John (from Life Enrichment) set up a ping pong table.

Since this was a first event of its kind, everyone was asked to bring a snack to share and to BYOB (How else would you plan an event that might attract 20 or 200 people?). The snacks were delicious and it would have been a real challenge to sample every one.

The whole affair was planned and organized by Kay Green, this year’s “Bocce Boss,” with the assistance of the bocce team captains.


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