October 27, 2016 By Phyllis Mosher

180 Years Together

When three couples discovered they shared the same wedding anniversary, they decided a celebration was in order.

Jan and Dick Feaster, Cathy and Jim Thomson, and Laura and Bob McCoy were all married in 1956, in February and within four days of each other.

This was cause for a practice party for their 59th anniversary, as well as a special event for their 60th. This time, their celebration featured the Manny Gutierrez Quartet, dinner, drinks and dancing.

The three couples were joined by their family members and a few close friends. The tables were decorated with orchid centerpieces made by Cathy. The McCoys were surprised by one of their daughters, who brought 60 memories, written by friends and family, about their life together.

The three couples boast a total of eight children, eight grandchildren and two great-grandkids and are looking forward to another celebration next year.


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