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November 16, 2016 By Ian Lanouette

Yank Sing: A Culinary Adventure

An adventurous crowd of PVE residents boarded the bus, eager to head out for a culinary experience at Yank Sing, located in the Rincon Center in San Francisco.

David was our driver, and Denise Flowerday was our PVE escort. It took a little bit over an hour to make the trip to the restaurant, which is located just south of Mission Street between Spear and Stuart Streets in San Francisco.

The restaurant opened at 11:00 a.m. that morning, and we rushed to be the first diners to enter. There was quite a crowd that followed us inside shortly after the doors opened.

The menu selections were very extensive, and many dishes were unfamiliar to some of us. But, no matter, the servers were bustling about pushing carts filled with assorted items from which to choose. They would open a dish, display the four items inside, briefly describe it, and set it on the table if we wanted to try it.

No one at our table was brave enough to order the chicken feet, but we did have quite an assortment of other items. All the food was delicious! Our appetites were sated, and some were feeling slightly overstuffed, I’m sure.

Back to the bus—but not wishing to head immediately back to PVE. At our urging, and with Denise’s blessing, David took us on a tour of some of the parts of the city. We visited Ocean Beach and had an opportunity to get out of the bus, stretch our legs and smell the bracing salt air.

We went through the Presidio and crossed the Golden Gate Bridge. The skies were clear, and we had a wonderful view. Then, it was across the Richardson Bay Bridge and back to PVE. It was a wonderful day trip that was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

Thanks to both David and Denise for a fantastic excursion.


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