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June 15, 2021 By Jan Olson

What is Wellness at PVE?

Wellness is derived from our ability to understand, accept, and act on our capacity to lead a purpose-filled and engaged life. In doing so, we can embrace our potential in all dimensions of wellness to optimize life’s possibilities. Aging within these dimensions keeps us involved, alert and enjoying a productive life.

So, what are these dimensions?

  • Physical: Honoring physical well-being through lifestyle choices.
  • Spiritual: Aligning with inner spirit and sense of purpose.
  • Emotional: Cultivating self-awareness and inner peace.
  • Intellectual: Expanding our understanding of the human experience.
  • Social: Building and maintaining meaningful relationships.
  • Environmental: Celebrating nature and being respectful of our surroundings.
  • Cultural: Celebrating the diversity of our connected world.
  • Vocational: Contributing valuable expertise and talents.

Paradise Valley Estates’ Wellness Team focuses on improving, motivating and cultivating an environment that supports and encourages the pursuit of growth and wellbeing for all we serve. We measure our success based on feedback from residents and the greater community.

Most recently, we received the Beacon Award for Best in Wellness in 2020. The award recognizes senior living communities that foster an environment that embraces wellness for all who live and work in the community. PVE is one of only 25 communities in North America recognized for this award in 2020, and the only winner in California.


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