January 30, 2020 By Ian Lanouette

The $$$ Switch

We have been Verizon customers for many years. We don’t upgrade our phones very often, as it seems that each new model of the iPhone is an order of magnitude more expensive than the previous model (a slight exaggeration, of course).

Typically, I’m the first one to upgrade, while Wanda would use her phone until the battery dies or the screen looks like those slashed up blue jeans that teens wear. Well, things changed a few months ago.

Wanda’s phone began acting up. We had the battery changed at one of those kiosks in your local shopping mall, but even then, the phone kept fighting her every attempt to send an email, or whatever. Finally, it just became too much.

Coincidentally, my (newer than hers) phone also began to annoy me — the sound had completely died. No matter whether it was a phone call, or the familiar “ding” announcing that you’ve got mail. No amount of messing around with the settings would fix it. It was a plot — I’m sure of it. Like a car that dies just after the warranty period ends.

Well, we happened to be near our local Verizon store one afternoon, so we decided to go in to ask about my phone’s audio issues. The cute young sales clerk was only too happy to help out, and her supervisor was nearby watching our interaction. Of course, she was delighted to show us the newest iPhones — but we decided to look at something less expensive that wasn’t the “top of the line.” The supervisor smelled blood in the water, I think.

The quick visit turned into — you guessed it! Wanda got a new phone! Data was moved from her old phone to her one, and her new phone is quite impressive compared to her old, worn out model. Of course, you know what else happened . . . yours truly also upgraded to a new phone. Those slick talking sales folks, you just can’t trust them!

Oh, by the way — did you know there is a teeny-weeny, tiny small switch on the side of an iPhone that turns OFF all sounds? Yeah, I had totally forgotten about that.


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