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February 4, 2020 By Sally Gripman & Jan Heise

The Ohio Picnic

An indoor picnic? What a concept! Thirty Ohioans gathered for just that event recently. The consensus was that the concept was a huge success. The camaraderie was unbeatable, the food delicious, the dress casual, and no one had to scramble to avoid a thunder and lightning sudden storm, the ants stayed in the ground, and the yellowjackets were busy flying elsewhere. There were even strains of “Beautiful Ohio” and the Ohio State fight song wafting through the air from the keys of the piano in the Formal Dining Room.

After an exciting visit to Columbus, Ohio, two residents, who were college classmates, wanted to share the news that Columbus is even more exciting than ever. The newly-opened National Veterans Memorial & Museum was a highlight of their visit. The architecture has been featured in Architectural Digest as well as other publications. Tours of the Ohio Statehouse, Franklinton, the Topiary Garden as well as the Franklin Conservatory and Botanical Gardens were just part of the day.

Jim Ramos, whose ancestors were recipients of some land from the French Grant, shared some special moments of personal Ohio history. Some land speculators from the Scioto Company persuaded several families in France to purchase land and come to America. When they arrived, they found that the land belonged to the Ohio Company. The very first Congress of the United States, with the consent of President George Washington, stepped in and said that since the French had helped with the Revolutionary War, these people from France would be granted some land in southern Ohio.

Ann Farber not only knew the name of the current Governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine, but also actually knew him when he was a boy too young to even vote, let alone be Governor. Other moments of fun included talk about our teams … the Cleveland Indians, the Cleveland Browns, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Toledo Mud Hens. But, most of all . . . THE Ohio State Buckeyes! All of the conversation was enhanced with the colorful shirts and caps worn by the fans.

If you have ever lived in Ohio, been to Ohio, flew over Ohio, or can spell O-HI-O, then you will be welcome at our next get together in March 2020.


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