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February 27, 2020 By Gilberta Pierson

The Shutterbugs

About two years ago, Dick Feaster decided to find out if any of his fellow PVE residents shared his lifelong interest in photography. He was very pleased when he received twenty responses to his inquiry.

Now named the PVE Shutterbugs, the group is up and running. They meet each month, sharing their common interest in photography and learning how to improve related skills. They select a “theme” each month for their picture taking. For example, in October, the theme was photos of reflections, such as scenes of reflections over the ocean, glass or mirrors. At each meeting, participants provide five or six of their favorite photos of the theme of the month. The images are projected, and the members share suggestions as to how the picture might be changed or improved by better framing, lighting or perspective.

We were all treated to viewing the work of the Shutterbugs recently by the two-week display of some of their beautiful photographs in the hallway of the Community Center. “We got a call asking if the Shutterbugs would be interested in donating some of their work to decorate the walls in the Laurel Creek skilled nursing area following the display,” Dick tells us. “Our group was happy to do this.” Laurel Creek’s residents, visitors and staff are now enjoying some of the beautiful photographs by the Shutterbugs.

The Shutterbugs meet monthly and all PVE residents are invited to attend. A Photoshop class is also offered.


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