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February 25, 2020 By Jim Bonar

Beach Blanket Babylon

It looked like it would be a beautiful day as we boarded the PVE bus to “The City” to see “Beach Blanket Babylon.” Of course, we would need to stop first for lunch.

The writer has not been in San Francisco, other than in the pier area, since the fog first came to San Francisco. Yes, once we came to Emeryville, we hit traffic as trucks, cars and buses jockeyed to get in the lane they wanted. We seemed to take a tour of downtown as we headed for Original Joe’s in North Beach for lunch. It is across from Washington Square, but, since the park is undergoing renovation, it was blocked off. I had a seat looking out the window — great for people watching.

I noticed that the people dress differently today than the early 1960s when I was home ported at Treasure Island and we lived in Walnut Creek.

A long trip via one-way streets around the block brought us to the Club Fugazi theater. We lined up and in we went.

The show lived up to everyone’s expectations and more. No one was safe from being “roasted:” Mayor Willie Brown, Bill and Hillary Clinton, President Trump and, of course, Elvis Presley (yes, The King is alive and well) among others. A very talented cast and the costumes were outstanding.

The weather was still warm and was just what the tourist bureau ordered as we headed back across the Bay Bridge with memories of a great day in Herb Caen’s “Baghdad by the Bay.”

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