April 20, 2017 By Bruce Bartels

Store Team Members are Residents of the Year

At our recent Town Hall meeting, Lynn Ridgway, Marianne Siembieda and Cathy Thomson were named 2016 Residents of the Year.

They were chosen from more than 30 residents who were named on ballots submitted to the PVE Past Presidents Club (of the Resident Council). Lynn, Marianne and Cathy work tirelessly to make sure the Store is stocked with items we like to buy. They also run the periodic estate sales throughout the campus and manage all this plus their warehouse daily.

The proceeds from sales go to the Resident Council Operating Fund and last year amounted to close to $50,000. Their picture will be posted on the plaque outside the Club, joining 14 past ROYs. If you see Lynn, Marianne or Cathy, say thanks and congratulations. They are each very deserving of this honor.


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