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April 25, 2017 By Ian Lanouette

A Middle Eastern Culinary Adventure

Seven PVE residents joined Jennifer de Leon, PVE’s executive administrative assistant, and our bus driver, David Oliver, on a wonderful bus trip to San Francisco. We traveled to Jannah Restaurant, which is located a short distance from Golden Gate Park just north of the panhandle area and close to University of San Francisco.

Jannah specializes in Middle Eastern food. A few of us had never sampled foods from this region of the world and it was indeed an adventure. The names of the dishes were quite exotic: falafel pizza, hummus and baba ghanogee (eggplant), chicken with rice, eggplant ratatouille, salmon with salad, kuzi (phyllo dough filled with shredded lamb, rice, golden raisins and almonds) and baklava for dessert. I thought baklava was something that you wore on your head (just kidding, I think that’s called a balaclava).

The weather forecast for the day was a bit menacing so we weren’t sure if we would be drenched with more wind and rain—we were quite tired of that weather after the previous few days. We hope even more residents join us in future restaurant outings. While many of us are already quite familiar with unusual foods, the opportunity to meet other residents and members of the PVE staff makes for a very interesting day.


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