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March 24, 2020 By Victoria Stone

Space Planning Services for Future Ridge Residents

Moving is a stressful time. Between the physical and emotional upheaval, the positive aspects of a move can easily be overshadowed by anxiety, fear or uncertainty. The amenities, services, activities, friends and security you gain can be eclipsed by stresses such as leaving a longtime home and moving into a new, often smaller, home. In more than 20 years of helping people plan for successful relocations, I’ve learned some useful tips I’m happy to share with you.

For many, an initial fear of having to leave prized possessions behind is so acute it actually prevents the planning process from beginning. The good news? Once you begin to take an accurate, informed look at your situation things feel better, quickly. As future residents and I collaborate on a furniture plan for a new home, they’re often surprised to find that it’s possible to bring many more furnishings than they expected. Often, we can achieve the same look and feel of their current home in their new home.

Before a home space-planning visit, walk through your home and make three lists: top-priority items that must come with you, second priority items, and items that can stay behind. At our visit, we’ll review your lists and collaborate on a furniture plan. Your plan will help you identify what to sell, give away or dispose of. Later, the plan will guide movers as they place furniture in your new home.

The key to peace of mind when making a move is putting together a plan and following the steps it lays out to a predictable conclusion. We work with every future resident of The Ridge at Paradise Valley Estates to bring confidence, certainty and joyful anticipation to your move. We make sure your new home has a place for everything you love, and that everything is in place quickly so you can get started enjoying your remarkable new lifestyle.


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