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May 12, 2016 By Dair Rausch

PVE’s Got Your Goat?

At dinner last night, Dinny exclaimed, “I’ve never lived anywhere where goats come to visit!” Last Sunday, our granddaughters, Liliana (9) and Alysia (16 months), sat carefully upon the wall overlooking the meadow along Laurel Creek. Below, they watched a herd of multicolored goats grazing as bells tinkled around their necks.

The newest members of PVE’s landscaping team

The goats were contentedly gobbling up grass, tiny oak trees, and poison oak. Two tiny goats that were born that day had joined the herd, bleating occasionally to notify their new moms that it was time to eat.

As fellow resident, Shirley Arnold explained in her recent post, the preserve around Laurel Creek has become overgrown due to the unusually large amount of rain we’ve gotten here lately. Rather than using weed killers or mowers (which aren’t allowed in this protected area), PVE has opted to hire a herd of goats who are more than happy to take care of the overgrowth.

Alysia was beside herself, hopping up and down and pointing from one goat to another. When the goat man asked if they’d like to hold a baby goat, they were delighted! Liliana carefully examined the tiny hooves, and held the kid with the same tenderness she showed her little sister when she was a newborn. What feelings of wonder accompany each new life.

It’s such fun to live in a community of animal lovers. Whether it’s dogs (on leashes), turkeys, or goats, these interactions with nature are good for our mental health. The next time something’s “got your goat”, just step outside for a respite.


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