May 10, 2016 By Jane Walker

Card Making with Yuriko

As the director of a very busy, creative and productive marketing department, I was looking for a fun activity as a reward for my team and also an opportunity for a little bonding.

I had recently visited the home of one our PVE residents. She showed me a few beautiful cards she had made in a recent workshop. The workshop was taught by her fellow resident, Yuriko McKenna.

Feeling Crafty!

This was just what I was looking for! Yuriko was very willing to help out by teaching us some of her techniques. Card making and paper crafts are a passion for Yuriko and she has been teaching for over twenty years.

Yuriko hard at work

On the appointed afternoon, we gathered around a table and Yuriko walked us through the steps of making our own cards. She had done a lot of prep so that it was impossible not to be successful! Our team really enjoyed the activity. There was plenty of conversation and support as we finished our projects. We were all really proud of our finished cards.

A Jane Walker original

I had a special recipient in mind for one of mine. It accompanied my mom’s birthday gift. As a crafty person herself, I knew she would really appreciate my efforts! It’s always special to have something handmade for a special occasion.


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